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Nürburgring Car Racing in Germany

We went racing again this weekend and took our Porsche to try it out. We bought eight laps and only used two so we'll be going back! Albert got a little competitive and tough on our car; it burned almost two quarts of oil on those two laps. But check this out, we saw the twins from the movie Cars. I'm not kidding. There were two green GT3 Porsches that parked next to each other and followed each other around the track. Now I just need to find all the other cars from the movie and I can make a big poster to sell that has real cars instead of cartoon cars.

The twins!

That's Albert and our Porsche. The picture is blurry because my zoom lens doesn't have image stabilization, need a new one.

Isn't this color just dreamy? They have a color like this for Lamborghini's. When I get my Diablo it'll be orange, hee hee.


Christine Danek said...

I so want to be there. :)

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