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Last Day!

Just a reminder for my first 38 followers. Today is the last day you can exclusively get 38% off on some products in my shop. Just take a look at this post to see what's available.

Let the hectic weekend start. Wait, when do I not have a hectic weekend?

And my Word of the Week game on Monday is a give-away! So make sure you participate to win a prize.


100 Photos

Day 27 - snack and fun light

Day 28 - part of my new "love"ly photo magnets, we'll see how they turn out!

Day 29 - Didn't even notice their ear tag numbers, do you think they are triplets?

Day 30 - Always wanted to catch the sunlight like that

Day 31 and 32 - Vacationing in Telluride without a camera battery :(

Day 33 - Diamond-plate dash in the stang, I like playing with focus

Day 34 - It's been a movie weekend.

A few things...

I must type out a few things and just blog without photos before posting photos. I've been away for the weekend. My husband and I went to Telluride for a little R&R. It was great, especially the part where there was this beautiful rainbow reflected in the lake we were camping by. Imagine this, a rainbow above and half that rainbow reflected in the clear blue water with two evergreen trees framing it. Got that picture in your head? Good. Because when I pulled out my camera and turned it on...nothing happened. I left the freakin battery plugged into the wall at home. Seven hours away. And it's not exactly a Double-A.

You mad that you can't see that picture? Yea, so am I. And then we went hiking the next day in an amazingly beautiful spot called Bridal Veil Falls. Sounds picturesque. Only the picture in picturesque couldn't happen for me. So I have a lot of video of flowers I would have picturefied.

Besides that, I'm getting ready for a pretty hectic weekend. I'm hanging my photos for a month in a local coffee shop. Crowfoot Valley Coffee in Castle Rock, Colorado if you're around to come see.

And on Sunday, my friend Cora and I are photographing a wedding in downtown Denver. Should be fun. It's our second together and would love to do more if anyone is interested, hint hint.

There's my latest update. 100 photos post coming soon, minus the Telluride days that is, grrr.


Just a heads up...

My husband and I are headed to Telluride for a camping trip this weekend. So I hate to say the Word of the Week is postponed until next week. But on August 3rd when it is back, it will be a give-away! I'm making you be patient and have some anticipation for that funness. (Ok, I know that's not a word but it's a fun word with lots of funness in it.)

Have a great weekend!


100 Photos in 100 Days

I missed a day, so you'll see a green square in there.

Day 19 - lamps

Day 20 - grass

Day 21 - Albert (husband) wanted to be part of the project so here I am working

Day 22 - I woke up the next morning and realized...

Day 23 - toad!

Day 24 - Black-Eyed Susan on a sunny day

Day 25 - consolidating the apartment

Day 26 - playing with fire


The Word

My sister is a tad impatient. Apparently she liked this one because she wanted to know the answer so badly! Sorry, I was at work all morning and haven't gotten to post the answer until now. So here it is, and congrats to those of you who got it right.


And yes, I want to be sitting on some right now. Running it through my fingers, feeling it squish in my toes. And finding it everywhere. Because if that happens then I know I'm on vacation!!!

And guess what...I will be having a give-away through Word of the Week in a few weeks. Still need to work out the kinks, but I have someone lined up with a prize. So check back each week and be ready for a true contest.

38% off to blog followers, thank you

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Thank you, for following.
Thank you, for the support.
Thank you, for making what I love a success.
Here's to you!


Weekly Word

Hello again, this word will tell you exactly what is on my mind. Below are four etsy products. They have one word in common, guess what it is! You can click on the photos to go directly to the product, or click on the etsy sellers' names to go to their shops. Have at it, and have fun!


Make it a good week!


The Day

No inspiration
No motivation
Weird how the day can turn

Hot, tired
Cranky, uncomfortable
Just want to sleep

The mail
A surprise
Funny how the day can turn


The Sampler

I am sending some samples with The Sampler! So if you have a subscription with them, look out for a few of my bookmarks. It was fun to put my samples together, and I wish I could be there when some of the people open their boxes.



I finally stumped you! But then you came up with a better answer.

Most of you said


and that's a very good answer. But the answer I had was


Until next week!


Weekly Word

Hello all, I have it this time! I will stump you with this one. So guess away...

Here's how it works. I have here four etsy products that all have one word in common. Tell me what that word is in the comments! This is just for fun though, no prizes yet. Keep coming back and it may get to that point. This is the word of the week...

You can click on the photos to go directly to the items, or click on the shop names below to go to the etsy stores. Thanks so much for playing, and come back next week!


100 Photos

Been a little behind on posting these. Here are the last week and then some.

Day 12 - after the rain

Day 13 - fluffy clouds

Day 14 - mmm, coffee

Day 15 - frozen raspberries, nice treat

Day 16 - beauty in black

Day 17 - blank slate

Day 18 - playful kitten

Recycled Bottle Cap Photo Magnets Tutorial Part 2.

Recycled Bottle Cap Photo Magnets Tutorial Part 2.

You can see the first part of this tutorial here.

Step 5.
Glue the magnets onto the back. This is the final step, but I had to wait to put it up here because I was waiting for the epoxy to dry. The epoxy takes about 24 hours to dry but I usually give it 36 just in case. I use very strong 1/4" rare-earth magnets. You can by them at any crafting store and some people like BabeMagnet sell them on etsy. I use E6000 crafting glue to stick them on. This glue takes another 24 hours to dry but it sticks!

You can find these magnets in my etsy shop. They are my newest addition. Rather buggy, don't you think?


The answer this week...and a few other updates.

Well, I'm sad to say... you all got it right, AGAIN!!!


is the answer. Grrr, I will stump you next week. I hope. Hmm, stump, that's a good word, lol.

In other news, I need some help giving this photo a title. It's to the right here ----->
Vote in the poll! I'm putting that photo in an art exhibition here in Castle Rock and it needs a title.

Also, I will be having a sale exclusively for my blog followers when I reach 35. I have 31 followers now. So let your friends know and look for that sale...

I believe that is all for now. Must get some stuff done before the torrential downpour of rain this afternoon. It has been crazy here in Colorado with 10 minute rainstorms that create flash floods. Make it a great day!


Word of the Week...

Good morning everyone. Here it is and here's how to play. Just check out the items below from etsy sellers. Then guess in the comments what you think the common word between them is. You can click on the photos to go to the items, or click on the shop names below to go to the etsy shops.


Thank you for coming to play this week. Please check out the first part of my Bottle Cap Magnet tutorial here and come back to see the second part of that tutorial. Also watch my progress through my '100 photos in 100 days' challenge. Come back next week for another Word of the Week game!

100 Photos

Day 10 - catching the rain

Day 11 - brand new baby


Recycled Bottle Cap Photo Magnets Tutorial Part 1.

Recycled Bottle Cap Photo Magnets Tutorial Part 1.

Step 1.
Wash and clean recycled bottle caps. I try to make mine match the photos I'm using. And each set of three or four has the same bottle cap.

Step 2.
Use a 1-inch die-cut and cut out the photos. I print mine on regular 4x6 photo paper. I use Adobe InDesign to make them 1-inch circles. Microsoft Word would work as well, or any other program you can make the circles 1-inch in diameter.

Step 3.
Mix and pour your epoxy. I use clear casting epoxy. Just follow the directions on the box. I don't fill the bottle caps all the way, just about half. To get the bubbles out just blow hot air across the top.

Step 4.
Watch and hold down the photos. They will float on top of the epoxy so for about the first hour you have to check on them and push the photos back under using the stick you mixed with. I push them all under and then leave for a while and come back to do it again. I do that until they all stay under. Then let the epoxy dry overnight.

That is the end of Part 1. Stay tuned for the last half of the tutorial! And once that piece is up here these magnets will be up for sale in my shop. Thanks for stopping by to learn how to make my bottle cap photo magnets. And thanks to my hubby for taking the pictures.

More photos

Day 7 - a two month old paint filly.

Day 8 - an old windmill out in rural Elizabeth, CO.

Day 9 - fireworks, I promise, they're just completely out of focus. Cool huh?

Oh, and I have carpal tunnel from taking so many pictures. It hurts.