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I just put together one style of calendar with my photos. I'm not sure if it's exactly what I want but it is in the process. I would prefer to have a digital version that someone could add their daily notes to on the computer. But that takes a little bit of maneuvering so we'll see. For now this is what a few of the pages look like...I was just putting the format together. I'm hoping to make this into a digital download on etsy. I have to work out the kinks and should have these up and ready by later this year.

Wish List

These are number one and two on my wish list right now. Click on the pics for more details. Anybody want to contribute to the "Amie needs a new camera" fund? Lol.


New Listings

I'm adding my boxed sets to my site. Each set has twelve cards total. Four cards of each photo, therefore three photos. Envelopes are included as well as a card on the back depicting the three photos included. I'm really excited about these and hope they go over well!


Branching out

I would like to start branching out into other stationery. I already have a few ideas that run along the norm. Like 5x7 letter stationery with my pictures in the corner, or recipe cards designed by me with one of my photos.

I would also love to start designing and making calendars. If anybody has any pointers in this area let me know! I'd like to make them just a download so that someone can print them or even use them digitally on their computer. I need to find just the right program for it, but it should be easy enough.

I'm excited to see the reaction to these products. And I can't wait to start building them. I'll keep you updated when I try it!



Lately I have been working like mad. The swap meet went ok, not as well as I had hoped, but ok. And now I'm just working (ha ha) on posting some new items and adding purchasing buttons to this site!

Time to go work some more.


Model-A Swap Meet

Ok guys, this thing is in two days! I'm kinda freakin out. You can check it out here...www.rockymountainmodelaclub.org. It's from 7-4 on Saturday May 2. There's a pancake breakfast! So get yourselves to this thing for some food, cars, and we'll see if people like my photography!