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Pablo and Rachel

Pablo and Rachel's wedding was on September 6, 2009. This group was a ton of fun. Pablo is a complete ham. Rachel is absolutely beautiful. And the entire family and wedding party were very excited for them both. Congratulations!

I work with Cora Kemp. Click for her website or her blog.


The Answer

Yay for


My friend Cora is here in D.C. for a quick visit. It was one of those spontaneous ideas that started out as a joke and became a reality. The night before my husband and I left we were talking about her coming to Germany with us in a suitcase. And somehow we made plans for her to come hang out in D.C. It's given me the excuse to go sight-see. Touring is not quite as fun without someone, and my husband has been working.

She has never been here before, so yesterday we saw the Iwo Jima Memorial, the changing of the guard at Arlington, and the Jefferson Memorial. I think we are headed to Mount Vernon today.

Still don't know when we are leaving for Germany. I'll keep everyone posted!


Word of the Week

Welcome back to Word of the Week. Each of these pictures has one thing in common. Guess what it is in the comments! You can click on the pictures to see the products, or click on the shop names to see the shops. Thanks for playing!


If you are a visiting shop and would like to offer a give-away prize for Word of the Week. Leave me a comment here or contact me at my etsy shop and we'll talk.


The Answer

Well, it's not very fait when only my friends and family guess because they already knew where I am.

Washington D. C.

And I'm really rather sad because I heard that the day after we left Colorado it snowed in my home town. I love winter and I completely missed it by 24 hours. Hopefully when we get to Germany it snows soon, and then we can go snowboarding.


Word of the Week

A tad late...but here it is. To play along just guess in the comments what these three pictures have in common. Click on the pictures to go to the products; click on the shop names to go to the shops.


Thanks for playing! I'll post the answer tomorrow.


A Few Updates

So it looks like we are leaving this weekend. Which means I have to close the shop down for the next month or more :( Here's your last chance to get in on my sale! 30% off moving sale and free shipping anywhere. I have to tape the boxes closed on Saturday night.

Last night my husband and I went to the drag races. He has a 69 coupe Mustang that we have overhauled and put a fancy 427 engine in. Right now it can run 12 second 1/4 miles. That's pretty fast, especially considering with the last engine it only ran 14.5 seconds. I've raced it a few times before, but not since this big engine and fast setup. He let me drive last night. I ran a 13.29 and wish the track had stayed open later so I could have run it faster! He's entering a race on Saturday and then the poor car is getting shoved into a little garage to gather dust for 18 months (and we are headed to D.C.!).

I will attempt to run Word of the Week on Monday, but if things get to hectic it might get skipped. Have a great weekend! I'll be finishing my packing like mad.


The Answer

The answer this week is


and I'm always so happy when someone finds another one. Trees was the extra answer; I didn't even see that connection. Thanks for playing!


Word of the Week

I"m a week ahead of the actual date, but feeling very festive. These four products have one thing in common. Let me know what you think it is in the comments. You can click on the images to go to the products, or you can click on the shop names.


Enjoy these beautiful products. I'll post the answer tomorrow!



Please check out this blog

J Bird Designs

She's having a giveaway for my bug magnet set.

She makes the greatest t-shirts! When I have a kid I will totally put her stuff on them. Radically cute.


100 Photos

Day 55 - bowling to distract me while hubby is at his interview

Day 56 - signing the job contract

Day 57 - packing for the move


The Answer

A tad early, we have a crazy day tomorrow with moving stuff and taking the mustang to the races.


was the answer but I really love the creativity! Rivers is a great one. Monuments is awesome as well, I wish I had thought of that one because I would have put my picture of the Statue of Liberty. This has been my favorite Word of the Week. Two beautiful products and some very fun answers. Thanks for playing everyone.

100 Photos

Day 50 - the letter O and our old tractor

Day 51 - spider web

Day 52 - a lovely swing, I want one on my porch

Day 53 - the letter L and the beautiful porch swing

Day 54 - crossing my fingers when Albert went to an interview...now we're moving to Germany!


Word of the Week

These three photos have one word in common. And I'll give you extra credit if you figure out which three _____s they are. Click on the photos to go to the items and click on the shop names to go to the shops. Have fun!


Until next week...



Hallo. Ich hei(s)e Amie. Ich komme aus Colorado. Ich wohne jetzt Stuttgart.

Hello. I am called Amie. I come from Colorado. I now live in Stuttgart.

Things are kind of up in the air. Life is still crazy, and I don't know when it's calming down. Bank accounts, car insurance, traveling with our bird...ahhhh! We should be flying out to Washington D.C. next weekend, but that's not for sure.

I'm looking forward to riding bikes in the German countryside. Hopefully we will have the chance to go to Paris for our second anniversary. I'm very good at picking up languages, but I've never been able to become fluent. German beer (bier) is supposed to be really good. Horses in Germany probably look the same but they have the premier dressage horses. I just can't wait.

Sad thing is, we had a going away party last night and it made me realize how much I really like the people we know. That sounds kinda rude considering, but it just made me nostalgic. I hope we can get to know some people in Germany quickly so we won't feel so alone. And most of our family and friends are planning trips so I'll be busy hosting.

It's going to be great.


100 Photos

Day 46 - magnets for a craft show, that I'm not going to anymore :(

Day 47 - acorns!

Day 48 - I love my niece. I will miss her.

Day 49 - My pictures in the local coffee shop.



So that would be the word...


I should have made it less "fun" and more depressing. Travel is fun, moving is yuck. You should see my apartment at the moment, thank God I don't really have all that much stuff. I can't imagine moving out of a house. So it's a good time to be doing this. And it's only the second day of our two weeks; I have plenty of time. I have lists littering the tables and my computer desktop...I have clothes dumped out everywhere...and I have half-filled boxes that I just don't have the motivation to finish. Luckily we don't plan on anyone coming over here, I don't think there's enough room to walk.

Just an FYI, Word of the Week will continue during this process. I might have to skip one or two depending on when our flights are. But I will let you know. Come back and play next week!