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It's time for...Word of the Week!

These four items have one word in common. Guess in the comments and have fun with it! You can click on the pictures to go to the item or click on the store name to go to the store.


Thanks for playing.


100 Photos

Day 40 - sunnyDay 41 - Another Lady Marian

Day 42 - moving the office

Day 43 - The new engine

Day 45 - What happened to 44? And a cucumber flower


100 Photos

I've really been slacking. Not only in my posting but in my picture taking. I felt a little overwhelmed with all that's going on and a little burnt out with the photos every day. So I took a short break...But here are the back-dated ones.

Day 35 - fog

Day 36 - More rain

Day 37 - Plastic Pony

Day 38 - Horse show, rope that cow!

Day 39 - Apples to Apples

More tomorrow!



Yep, it's Germany. Although it's not official yet so I won't completely blog about it. Except for the fact that we are totally psyched.

Before I met my husband, my plan was to finish college and go to the Peace Corps before getting a life-long job. I wanted a little adventure before being tied down somewhere. But then I met Albert and the plans changed a tad. I graduated before he did and had to get a job until he was done. When he was done this last May I sat still waiting for him to find a job. The Marshall Islands were a prospect, way far away. That didn't happen. Then Wisconsin was a choice. That didn't happen. Then Cheyenne. That didn't happen. With each hit and each possibility we were getting closer to home. Not that I don't love my family; it was just a need to be gone.

The funny thing is, he didn't even find this job. They found him. He flew out to Washington D.C. last week to interview and called me with great news the afternoon of.

"Sprechen ze deutsch?" he said.


"You'll need it."

And off we go. It's not in writing yet...but let the craziness of moving begin!

So to attempt to clear out all the stuff we have...30% off on most of the items in my shop. Please check it out and spread the word.


Word of the Week

I'm going to give a hint. These items have to do with where my husband and I are headed. He got a job! So they each have a place in common. The people who know me personally already know the answer...and I'm so excited. I'll blog about it all tomorrow when I give the answer. Because of the hint I made it a little harder, I think.




Have fun guessing in the comments what these four items have in common. You can click on the pictures to go to the items or the store names to go to the stores. Thanks!


Word of the Week

Well, it is officially 4:30 pm, and I just realized! My day completely disappeared without Word of the Week. Please accept my humble apologies. Word of the Week will continue next week. I had the day off today; it felt like a weekend. I look forward to seeing all of your guesses next week.

Life is hectic
So many things up in the air
Much to be done
Please forgive...



As you may have noticed I love milestones, and I love thanking the people who get me there. So for any of my 50 followers I will give you 20% off in my shop for the next week. Until August 23, pick any item and I will refund back the 20% through Paypal.

Thank you!

(not including shipping and excluding current sale items.)

Bryan - Senior Portraits

Be kind, it's my first time. (Eww, that rhymed.)

This is my brother-in-law, weird to think that he's a senior in high school! Sure tells you how young I am though. Here are a few of my favorites. And being a boy he didn't want to do much with it. So we got it done.

Let me know what you think. They are my first senior portraits, and I'm hoping I get to do more.


In Honor of Lefties, 50% off!

Tomorrow, and only tomorrow...August 13...I am having a sale. It's a sale to celebrate left-handers!!! Tomorrow is National Left-Handers Day.

And being a lefty I have to. So visit my shop and receive 50% off! Excluding current sale items. Just put a note in the 'notes to seller' when you check out, 'LEFTY.' Any purchase made between 12:01 am August 13 to 11:59 pm August 13 will get 50% refunded back through Paypal.

And it's 50% off for the five fingers on your LEFT hand. A type of 5-finger discount, hee hee.

Featuring my Favorites

I love to window shop on etsy and heart things. But I also wanted to share with you what I'm hearting since I love these items so much! I'll try to group a few in a common theme (that seems to be how I like it considering Word of the Week is that way). And here is my first set.

I've found quite a few things that would be a wonderful gift for a new mom. Or maybe not so new, but just a good mom gift. This is not a hint that I'm going to be one any time soon, I just love these ideas for moms.

This is my all time favorite family necklace. I don't think I've seen one that I love more.


What a great idea for a first-time mom, the EKG of your baby and their birthstone!


And here's what to get if you want your family represented in rings.


All very unique and beautiful ideas. Definitely on my want list when I start to have babies.


The Answer

Well most of you were right. I like stumping you just because you come up with very creative answers!


See you again next week.


Word of the Week

It's that time again! Word of the Week is here. These four pictures have something in common, let me know what you think it is in the comments. This game is just for fun this week. You can click on the pictures to go directly to the products, and you can click on the store names to go to the stores.


Sam and Christine

Here are a few of my favorites from the wedding Cora and I shot last weekend. Congrats to Sam and Christine! It was a beautiful wedding, and you guys were so fun and flexible.

I work with Cora Kemp. You can visit her blog here. You can visit her website here, it's still in the works.

* These photos are property of Amie McCracken. Please do not steal.


I promise I'll have some '100 photos' up soon! Lots going on, including editing wedding photos which is taking up most of my free time. But I'm nearly done.

I'm wondering if anyone has any tips for me on ACEO's. Art Cards Editions and Originals. Many photographers on Etsy print them as well as artists. I can make originals or series'. I actually would like to bring my drawing into this...since I don't really feel I am talented enough to paint huge canvases, but a 2.5" by 3.5" hand-drawn picture is something I can manage. And then I would make series of certain photos. Here's a link to one of JMcGuinness' ACEO's.

Let me know what you think and pass on any ideas!


The Outlaws of Sherwood

Since I shared with you all what I'm reading on the side of the blog...I might as well tell you about it when I'm done!

The Outlaws of Sherwood, hmmm. I absolutely love Robin McKinley's storytelling. Her book Beauty is one of my favorites, and I could read it constantly and never get bored. But Outlaws kind of bored me. It felt thick and sluggish. It's a fun story, but I wanted more. More action, more romance, more something. It seemed as though the outlaws of Sherwood just sat around waiting for things to happen and the best part came in the last 20 pages. I wouldn't have minded more back story as she has Robin and Marian being childhood friends. And I wouldn't mind a kiss or two between them. It lacked spark. But on the other hand she still has a beautiful way with words, and I won't stop reading her books because of this one. It really made me want to watch the Disney version of Robin Hood!


Please vote!

Please vote for my photo in a contest over at Cat's Corner. My photo is photo #6. Please please please, if you do nothing else today go vote! Just select #6 in the poll on the left side of the blog.

Thank you!

The Winner!

Posting for the give-away is now closed...

The winner is...


You can visit her etsy shop here.

And she wins this...

Thank you so much for playing everyone. I hope you enjoyed it. I'll let you know the next time Word of the Week is a give-away. Until next week...


Word of the Week - GIVE-AWAY!!!

Play along this week and win a magnet from WiseImpressions! These four photos have one word in common. Give me your guess in the comments. All correct answers will be put into a pot, and the winner will be picked using a random number generator. Click on the photos to go directly to the products and click on the shop names to go to the shops.


Make sure when you post a comment give me some way to get ahold of you. Whether that's an etsy shop or an email. Have fun!



I'm taking it day by day this weekend.

This morning I was at the county fair to help out with the ranch sorting...cows in other words. It was a blast, and the hamburgers are soooo good.

This afternoon I'm headed to the local coffee shop to hang up my prints. Crowfoot Valley Coffee
Stop by this month and take a look if you're in Castle Rock, Colorado.

I will update again tomorrow...too much going on to type it all at once. Must get changed out of my horse-back riding jeans and into something a little easier to climb on chairs and bang nails into the wall with. Have a good one, until tomorrow!