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I feel so loved!

Well, I am just astounded. 18 comments! Thank you to everyone who played along on the game. You're all so wonderful to have stopped by and contributed. Remember, I'll have this game each Monday so you can come back and play!

And the answer is...summer!

Aren't we all ready for it? Smoothies and lying on the beach/pool side. And summer fruit and art fairs! And those light, comfortable sun dresses that just feel wonderful when you're walking the slightly breezy boardwalk.

I probably should have had more variety because other answers worked like shape or sewing. So I will be much more specific and difficult next week. Thank you again to everyone who stopped by.


Cora Kemp said...

O that description makes me want summer SOOOO badly!!!! When will that weather come!!!!

Samantha said...

Hope you're having a little of everything that makes summer wonderful! Mine's been great so far. :)