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So that would be the word...


I should have made it less "fun" and more depressing. Travel is fun, moving is yuck. You should see my apartment at the moment, thank God I don't really have all that much stuff. I can't imagine moving out of a house. So it's a good time to be doing this. And it's only the second day of our two weeks; I have plenty of time. I have lists littering the tables and my computer desktop...I have clothes dumped out everywhere...and I have half-filled boxes that I just don't have the motivation to finish. Luckily we don't plan on anyone coming over here, I don't think there's enough room to walk.

Just an FYI, Word of the Week will continue during this process. I might have to skip one or two depending on when our flights are. But I will let you know. Come back and play next week!


Snowbell said...

I'm not fond of moving either and I've done it plenty of times... I did learn that you have to make sure that kettle, knives and mugs are easily accessible!

Amie McCracken said...

Ooo, mugs! I have to pack some of those. We are actually leaving most of our dishes behind...but I want my mugs.

Thanks for reminding me!