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A Few Updates

So it looks like we are leaving this weekend. Which means I have to close the shop down for the next month or more :( Here's your last chance to get in on my sale! 30% off moving sale and free shipping anywhere. I have to tape the boxes closed on Saturday night.

Last night my husband and I went to the drag races. He has a 69 coupe Mustang that we have overhauled and put a fancy 427 engine in. Right now it can run 12 second 1/4 miles. That's pretty fast, especially considering with the last engine it only ran 14.5 seconds. I've raced it a few times before, but not since this big engine and fast setup. He let me drive last night. I ran a 13.29 and wish the track had stayed open later so I could have run it faster! He's entering a race on Saturday and then the poor car is getting shoved into a little garage to gather dust for 18 months (and we are headed to D.C.!).

I will attempt to run Word of the Week on Monday, but if things get to hectic it might get skipped. Have a great weekend! I'll be finishing my packing like mad.


Peebs And Roo said...

Good luck to you and come back soon! I love looking at your stuff in your shop! :o)


Cora Kemp said...

O don't worry, Bob and I will make sure the dust collecting is at a minimum. But you know the only way to really keep it dustless is to race it every month or so ;)