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Word of the Week

These three photos have one word in common. And I'll give you extra credit if you figure out which three _____s they are. Click on the photos to go to the items and click on the shop names to go to the shops. Have fun!


Until next week...


Peebs And Roo said...

I'm gonna have to guess cities or major cities? London, Paris, and New York City?

Rob Vincent said...

I also was saying international cities: London, Paris, NY. If it's not cities, it's rivers that are integral to cities: Thames, Seine and East/Hudson.

Good answers??

Savvy Gal Designs said...

I'm going to say skylines, or cities.

Thank you so much for including our Paris Skyline Vinyl Wall Art in your blog.

Savvy Gal Designs

Anonymous said...

Debbie and mom say,monuments, eiffel tower, big ben and the library lion.