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Word of the Week

I"m a week ahead of the actual date, but feeling very festive. These four products have one thing in common. Let me know what you think it is in the comments. You can click on the images to go to the products, or you can click on the shop names.


Enjoy these beautiful products. I'll post the answer tomorrow!


laura evans/photography said...

the start of fall ...?

gorgeous items though.

Cora Kemp said...

The first day of Fall!

Anonymous said...

It must be fall leaves, trees, birds and apples - Trees, trees and more trees

bridget {bake at 350} said...

Thank you for including my cookies! YAY!!! I think the answer is fall with DOTS!

O'Brien said...

FALl, What do I win, I wanna win!!!!

Robin said...

The beginning of Fall! So happy it is here!