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The answer to this week's Word of the Week is

driver's license

and I chose it because I finally have my German driver's license. It took weeks and mountains of paperwork, but I finally have it. It was hard for me to find etsy products pertaining to that topic. So I looked up things that someone would get as gifts for their first license. Do you have any better ideas for what would have made you think of licenses?

Tomorrow we will have Three Things Thursday. But for now I'm absorbed in WriteOnCon, an online writer's conference. So this post is getting cut short. I'm reading all the WriteOnCon blog posts and attempting to jump-start my writing motivation.


Hanna C. Howard said...

Ha! I should have guessed, but I felt like I was cheating. :)

Now that I'm not forbidden anymore, back to WriteOnCon!

Jen said...

Driving license is a great word for the week, thanks for sharing!!! Congrats on snagging yours!

Write On Con is addicting!!!