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Three Things Thursdays

So to continue in the strain of childhood, I'd like to hear about where you grew up this week. You can enter your own blog post in the linky below or just tell me in the comments.
Three things about...
where you grew up.
1.    The biggest thing all year for our town is the fair. Yeah, it’s a cowboy town. (And yes, I’m a cowgirl.)

2.    Everybody who lives there knows my last name, because my dad is a veterinarian. Police officers, random shop owners, even people I’ve met in Paris know me because of my dad.

3.    It may be a tiny town, but we have some rich neighborhoods around. It’s known as Little Beverly Hills to the locals, and many a fancy car, including quite a few Lamborghinis, can be spotted daily.

The photo is of Pikes Peak, the mountain that inspired America the Beautiful. It's just an hour south of where I grew up.


KarenG said...

I think the town where you grew up is where my son and his family live now.

G. said...

Hey cowgirl! ;-)

I live in Texas now since a year, but the only thing I have is a cowgirl hat! :-D

Oh well, on that subject I don't have much to say... I grew up in Brussels, big city. My next neighbors knew me, but that's about it! I always lived in the same house,(untill I left the country) and my mom still lives in that same house. That is also the house where she grew up! (It's been build in the 40ths and still stands!)


G. said...

PS: By Brussels, I mean Brussels the capital of Belgium, the neighbor country of France.

Hanna C. Howard said...

I've already blogged today, so I'll post mine here:

1. Tulsa, OK has a fantastic cultural/artistic side to it that I was completely ignorant of growing up. Now, after college, I feel like I'm living in a totally different city.

2. Despite its being a city of respectable size and reputation, people still expect tepees and covered wagons from us Okies.

3. The weather here is ludicrous. Schizophrenic, some would say. I can remember a specifically absurd day in high-school when I was outside in shorts and sleeveless in the afternoon, and by nightfall watching the snow fall thick and heavy.

Grandma said...

I posted on my blog: grandmacribley.blogspot.com

carlotta said...

it sounds like an amazing town. i love those small town where everyone knows each other...

beautiful photo.

Lilah Pierce said...

Oh, hell. That's two weeks in a row that I've missed this. Grrr! I'm moving in two months, and my WIP is practically pulling me at its own self-chosen-racing speed. Okay, I'm going to write myself a sticky note so that I can remember for next Thursday. Sorry!

Also, how do I sign up for it? Do I come back on Thursday to see what the topic is, then sign up at that time? Do I do this each Thursday?