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The Answer

Well, I stumped all of you. But I absolutely love your answers! I've been waiting for another week where I confuse everyone. It's much more simple than you all thought.


I love each of your answers, and each of them fits. Until next week...


Cora Kemp said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH no way! that is retarded! I was reading the beginning on the home page and when you said it was much simpler I was like OH DUH! Word! and what is it? O... its word. *sigh* don't you hate it when it is so simple that it hurts? Yeah. O well mine was so much cooler anyway :)

RedRedCompletelyRed said...

No! I was sure I had it when I realized that the letters of 'dream' are inside 'carpe diem'... too much thinking, I suppose!!