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Flohmarkt Finds

We went to the Stuttgart Flea Market, or Flohmarkt, on Saturday. I'm used to flea markets being kind of shabby. I don't know if it's the small town I grew up in or that Colorado just doesn't have old stuff like New England or Europe does. We hit a nice sidewalk cafe for breakfast first and had coffee and croissants. Then we meandered our way through the many stalls of old toys, beautiful glass and porcelain, furniture, and even old war medals.

I collect elephants, so I was watching out for those. The gentleman who sold us these two said they are from Niederland, Holland porcelain. And there's one scene on the movie Becoming Jane where Jane pulls out an old trunk and flips open the lid. Inside is a huge pile of her writing papers and journals. Ever since then I've wanted some kind of old trunk to store my papers in. I found the perfect one. Of course there were book stalls too, can't pass up the books. I found an old copy of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice in English. It's beautiful.

It was so exciting to see so many possibilities for decorating our house or gifts for people. We're probably going to another this weekend in a small town outside of Stuttgart, Sindelfingen.


Hazydaisy said...

I love fleamarkets- I never leave without a treasure of some sort. Have fun at the next one too!

KarenG said...

Becoming Jane---I really need to see that movie. And I need to read Pride & Prejudice. I'm in such a Jane Austen mood right now.

ColeAndJosephine said...

Great finds! I am obsessed with flea markets. I don't really buy a lot, but I love seeing all of the crazy stuff people have owned. It's addictive.

Amie McCracken said...

Karen - You MUST read Pride and Prejudice.

ColeandJosephine - I'm like that with people's houses. Very curious about the things the have and how their homes are set up. Don't really know why though.

juliette said...

ok, you lucked out big time! love the finds! We are not in good flea market territory, so it's a big bummer for me. We'd have to go an hour to Frankfurt on the weekends to get to a good one! boo!