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Bier and Piepsen


bier! Or beer if you prefer English spelling.

We went to Frühlings Fest two weeks ago, well and last week too, and we'll go again next week...anyways. It's just like Oktober Fest only for spring. (Frühling means Spring) We took Piepsen along. He has been begging for bier and swears he's of age, in mouse years of course. We let him have a few sips of Albert's stein. He got pretty tipsy, but he said it tasted heavenly. We watched people dance on the tables in the bier tents, and stayed safely on the ground ourselves. We rode a roller coaster, so fun! And ate chocolate covered fruit. Here are a few pictures of Piepsen enjoying the best German past-time.


Anonymous said...

Piepsen may have to start aa for meeces.

Cora Kemp said...

I really like the second photo ... but is that really a good photo for a kiddo book ;) JK! :)

Anonymous said...

See if I think the answer is something thats *not* completely obvious again! :)

Amie McCracken said...

Cora, what else do I take a picture of in Germany? Lol.

Lilah, yours surprised me. I tend to have answers come out that I didn't intend. And it's more fun to hear those ones!

Stuttgartgirl said...

I haven't been to Fruhling Festival yet but am curious to see how different it is than Oktober Festival. I've heard a lot of people actually like it better, since the atmosphere is less crazy.