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I've been slacking on this project, but I'm so close so I refuse to give up. Here is another installment of my 100 photos project. And I think I'll have to put together a celebration for the closing of this project and 100 followers. So keep an eye out for a surprise here in while.

Day 94 - Oh yes, chocolate ice cream, cherries, chocolate, cherry liquer, and chocolate.
 And now it's gone.
Day 95 - I'm sorry, but I just don't want pizza made at a Chinese restaurant.
Day 96 - A new addition to the house, terrariums. I've never lived in a place that has moss. It's so fun! This one has survived and once this snow leaves I'll start another.
Day 97 - Spring is really trying to begin, but it snowed again just two days after this.
Yay for 100 photos and yay for 100 followers!


Anonymous said...

love love your photos!!!!!

Punctuation Mark said...

amazing images! congrats on finishing the projects!