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Book Club Invite

Hello to the people who don't live near me! A friend and I are starting a book club. I wanted to include others who aren't in the immediate vicinity. So I will post what book we're reading and when we're getting together. If you would like to write a blog post, or even just email me at amie_photos at hotmail dot com, I will share your thoughts when we all get together here. If you want to get even more fancy - we can skype!

I will also post after our get-togethers possibly with pictures and what we talked about. We want to theme the parties after the books, so it should be fun.

The lovely Sydney made the flyer for our new book club. Check out her website here.

The first book is The Paris Wife by Paula McLain. It comes in Kindle edition for those with e-readers/iPads. I'm planning on the first week in September to meet about this book. I'll put a reminder on the blog as we get closer.


Hanna C. Howard said...

Ohhhh! That sounds so FUN! I wish I lived close enough to come to THEMED MEETINGS!!!

Bah. Could I join from time to time? I'm in another book club right now, so my reading is somewhat monopolized, but keep me posted!

Hanna C. Howard said...

PS: I love the flyer!

O'Brien said...

FUN!!! I will try to participate schedule permitting. I'm currently reading Lost in Shangri-la....VERY GOOD!!