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I'm So Sorry

Thank you to everyone who commented or read my Last Lines. It's so wonderful to get some feedback and you all were so nice.

I know I promised Word of the Week. But Saturday was May Day, and therefore a German holiday. Which meant the stores were all closed and I had to get groceries for the next two weeks this morning. (The visiting family has to eat; they're such a bother! Hee hee.) I still have to finish some cleaning and then go get them at the airport. Of course Germany is being typical and greeting them with clouds and rain, but hey it's still beautiful just kinda soggy. So I'm leaving you with a video. It's a movie trailer, but it is so totally something I would do.


Christine Danek said...

Cute trailer. My husband is in Munich now so I smiled when spoke of May Day. He told me how he had to run out and get groceries before the weekend.

Lori said...

Oh my gosh, I love this. Gotta show it to my daughter.

The Antiques Diva™ said...

So excited to stumble upon another German-expat blogger! We're few and far between! Nice to meet you!

Lilah Pierce said...

Come back to the blogosphere! We miss you! :)

Tag! You're it!

You haven't been tagged, yet, have you? I couldn't find a post on it so I used you as a tag.

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