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Caffeine - Or in other words "hyper juice"

I have a dilemma that maybe you can help me with. When I drink just one cup of coffee in the morning I end up completely jittery and over-hyper about an hour after. So yesterday I tried to go without. That caused a three-hour nap by four o'clock in the afternoon. I can't do that every day. But I also can't quite handle the shakes. Any ideas?



O'Brien said...

Try Teeccino.

Hanna C. Howard said...


I had a similar problem a few months ago--connected to reasons we've discussed--and I decided something had to give. (It's no good to feel like you've got a baby kangaroo where your heart should be.)

I've always been a tea fan, but much preferred the 'bottomless cup' effect I get from my coffee pot in the mornings. It's so nice, after all, to begin your day with an hour or two of writing and coffee drinking. But tea, I discovered, is not so radical a change, and it has much less caffeine in it.

I set myself up with a tea pot and a tray, and now this is my routine: Steep two bags of English breakfast in the pot every morning, and carry it--along with milk and sugar and a mug--to my desk, where I nurse it throughout the morning. Two tea bags isn't much, after all, but it lasts at least four cups. And! It keeps me from nodding off.

Just a thought... Maybe the Germans have some really yummy tea...

Summer Frey said...

Half-caff! They're selling it all official-like now and everything! Works like a charm. :)