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Word of the Week

Thank you! I'm glad everyone liked my apartment design so much. I'm so flattered. *blush*

Let's play Word of the Week! These four etsy products have one thing in common. Guess what it is in the comments. I'll post the answer tomorrow. You can click on the photos to view the products or click on the shop names to visit the shops.


Xine said...


andrea said...


O'Brien said...

bugs......technically they aren't all insects. I like the techy page!!!

Cora Kemp said...

Bugs :)

andrea said...

actually technically not all of these are bugs, nor are they all insects!

"Butterflies are insects but are not bugs. "Bugs" are a specific order of insects known as Hemiptera, while butterflies fall into the order Lepidoptera."

so, all of them are bugs except for butterflies. and all of them are insects except for spiders.

not that it matters :P