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Word of the Week - GIVE-AWAY!!!

This week is a give-away. Which means that every correct answer will go into a pot, and I will use Random.org to pick a winner. Crown Bindery is providing the prize this week. It's the binder that was featured last week, the one I ended up purchasing! I'm going to use it for my German classes and all the nouns I have to memorize.

So these four pictures have one thing in common. Guess what it is in the comments and you'll be entered in the drawing. You can click on the photos to see the items, and you can click on the shop names to see the shops.

I will leave this give-away open until Friday when I will post the answer.


If you have an etsy shop and would like to have a give-away for one of your items, let me know! I will feature you in another Word of the Week and display an ad for you on the side of my blog for two weeks.


O'Brien said...


nomadcraftsetc said...

Paisley!! LOVE everyone of the items!

I would also be interested in lending one of our items to your giveaways! :)


SheGetsBored said...

They all have paisley prints! =o) It's SheGetsBored btw.. thanks for the invite. I love your blog =o)

Grandma said...

paisley- like the swirls from last week

Cora Kemp said...

I'm going with amoebas! Cuz you two were sick not to long ago :)

RedRedCompletelyRed said...

Paisley! Such pretty things... :)

Nikki 'Trexel' Moore said...

yay paisley! (I totally saw it before i saw the comments)

what gorgeous things!

Tracy said...

Paisley...I love paisley... such beautiful finds here! :o)