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First Day in Germany

We flew in yesterday morning. The flight was good. I don't think anyone enjoys flights, but it was ok. We had an extra seat so that helped. Amazingly I didn't need to take a motion-sickness pill or a sleeping pill. Albert barely slept, but he slept hard last night.

We moved directly into our interim apartment. It is very nice. Wide open and very modern. We have a deck and backyard; and wood floors; and cute little radiators in every room.

For some reason I had to get sick. My throat is killing me.

I walked through our little town today and found the market. Everything is in German, and I had a little bit of culture shock. Their trash system is crazy. They have a bin for paper; a bin for organic material; a bin for metals, plastics, and synthetic material; and a bin for other trash. And if you get it wrong, you get fined. Sounds fun, right? I'm a little frustrated, but attempting to be open-minded about it all.

We went to Stuttgart proper last night and found the big street that is their mall. It's kind of like the 16th street mall in Denver. Konigstrasse is the name of the street, King Street.

The cheapest food is Italian. We're very close to the border and a lot of people here speak Italian and German.

Can't wait to see what the next few days, and especially the weekend, bring.


kerryanne said...

Hi Amie

I'm a lurker of your blog :) Anyway, congrats on the move! Just fyi, I moved from the US to the Netherlands about 7 years ago (my husband is Dutch). Anyway, if you want to chat about moving abroad or have any questions, just drop me a line. Take care!

Cora Kemp said...

OOO!! I can't wait to come out!! It sounds awesome.... except for the trash thing.... do they know that some people (like me) can't even handle the pressure of turning left or right? and what about those products that have both metal AND plastic???? AHHHHHH! :) well... I'll let you figure it out and then I'll just hand you my trash and you can deal with the pressure :) I know, I know it sounds like I am pawning it off on you... but just remember all those times I gave you tp when your stall was out :) - that was you right? or was that me? or did we get stuck with no tp in either stall? Either way I know it has happened to us multiple times. K. I'm done rambling. Perhaps we shall have another intriguing convo on Skype as soon a you get internet! :) miss you and I WANT PHOTOS! (is that too demanding?) love you two! xoxox!

Shelly's Stuff Jewelry said...

Wow. How exciting! I look forward to future posts.

O'Brien said...

Living Vicariously!!!